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Merlot Toronto – What you should know

Merlot Noir or better known as Merlot is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after red wine varieties. Initially grown in France, Merlot has become a popular grow around the world. Merlot Toronto is popularly available in damsons, blackcurrant, and plums flavors.

So, what makes Merlot this special?

1. The flowers and fruits of this breed mature fast hence guaranteeing an early harvest.

2. It responds positively to barrel oak aging. When it has been left in the oak for some time, notes of coffee bean, chocolates and caramel will start showing.

3. Merlot Toronto is a good body, has lower tannins and very fruity making it the ideal single varietal wine.

4. It is cherished by many due to its ability to blend in well with more tannic wines. Its softness helps in making nice blends with the harshness of the Cabernet Sauvignon for instance.

5. Merlot is well known for its ability to mature in the bottle. This means, it does not need to be laid in a cellar to soften, as is the case with the other harsh wines. This is the reason why most wine drinkers who want to buy a bottle and drink it immediately prefer it, as they do not have either the patience or the ability to wait for years.

Merlot is best accompanied by some foods. How do you know which foods should accompany your Merlot?

For instance, the harsh merlot pair up perfectly with grilled meats. For instance, you could grill a pork leg well marinated with garlic and rosemary. The softer Merlot wines pair well with foods such as mushrooms, duck breast or even a smoked salmon. Then the lightest category in all should be taken with seafood such as prawns, scallops in bacon, macaroni cheese, or even shellfish.

You can never go wrong with Merlot Toronto. There are more ways than one of enjoying each and every wine in its density. For more information find here.


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